Splenda Kool-Aid Pops

Splenda Kool-Aid Pops
Some people have issues with Splenda, and artificial sweeteners in general. We are not those people. :)
This takes a sugary drink/snack, and makes it almost calorie free.
I'm not sure of the calories per serving, but it can't be much, if any.

Mix an unsweetened package of Kool-Aid (0.14 oz.) with a cup or less of Splenda in a 2 quart pitcher, add water.
Stir to combine.
Pour into Popsicle forms.
Place in freezer, and let the chill chest do it's thing.
You may have extra Kool-Aid left over. That's OK. Put it in the fridge, and the kids will make it disappear...sometimes the adults may help make it disappear.

This is a popular after school snack.
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