Microwave Poached Eggs

Microwave Poached Eggs

1 Tbsp. water per egg
Salt & Pepper to taste

This is ridiculously simple.  I love eggs in almost anyway, shape of form, but I have to admit, I have never mastered the art of making poached eggs the traditional way.  I find this method to be a great shortcut and tastes the same.  For me, the important part of a poached egg is the consistency of the yolk and this method does the trick!

Add 1Tbp. Water in a microwave egg and muffin maker or a ramekin.  If you use a ramekin, you will need some plastic wrap to cover the dish.
Crack an egg into the dish.  Use the tines of a fork to prick the membrane of the yolk.  Do not skip this part because if you do not, the egg has a high probability of exploding!
Cover eggs and place in microwave.

I generally make 2 eggs in separate containers at the same time and cook them for 2 minutes, 30 seconds at 50% power, until the whites are just barely opaque over the egg.
Your cooking time will vary according to the size and amount of eggs you cook at once, and the wattage of your microwave so use this as a guide.
It's better to guess less time then you think so as not to overcook your eggs.  You can always add more time, but once an egg is overcooked, you have to start over or eat a hard yolk.  :(
Drain the liquid off the egg, you may have to loosen the egg with a fork, and slip the egg onto a piece of toast or a muffin.  You can trim the whites if you want, but I  hate to waste it.
Season your egg with salt and pepper to taste.  I never salt my eggs before cooking.  Salt toughens the whites but you season your eggs whenever you wish.

A perfectly poached egg will have a yummy, runny yolk with the sides of the yolk just barely hardened and I can get them consistently done right with this method.
Alternately, you can substitute melted butter or butter substitute for the water for a shirred egg but I like mine poached and  save the butter for the toast.  :)

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