Minnesota Walleye

This is how my husband likes his Walleye or Perch

You will need to preheat your deep fat fryer
You will need 3 pans for the flouring station
You will need some Walleye or Perch fillets

In one pan, place some seasoned flour. I use Salt and Pepper OR Seasoned Salt. Alternately, you can season your fish on both sides first before dredging in the flour.
In the next pan, crack in a few eggs, add a splash of water and scramble
In the last pan, add a sleeve or so of crushed saltine crackers.
There are several methods to crush crackers. Place them in a plastic zip top bag and pound them with a heavy skillet or meat hammer or a rolling pin. You can also crush them in a food processor.

You will want to make sure you have a generous amount of flour and crackers because adding more after you have started breading up your fish is a PITA.

Dip the fillets in flour and completely coat. Shake off excess, next dip it in the egg mixture. Let excess egg drip off. Finally dip it in the crushed crackers. You may have to kind of gently push the crackers in so they stick well.

After all your fillets are breaded, you will probably want to wash up now. :)

Gently place your fillets in the hot oil being careful to lay they down away from you so as not to splash any hot oil onto yourself.
Do not overcrowd the pan. You may have to fry your fish up in batches.
Remove fish from oil when golden brown and delicious.
Drain on paper towels or wire rack.

Serve with Tartar Sauce or Lemon Herb Sauce or Malt Vinegar.
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