Paul and Bev's Go German Country Pork Ribs with Sauerkraut, Apples and Onion

Pre-heat oven to 450 f
Layer sauerkraut with fresh sliced apple and onion in a roasting pan.
Top with layer of country pork ribs.
Top ribs with layer of your favorite bacon.
Sprinkle bacon with fresh-cracked black pepper.
Put lid on. Put in oven for 30-40 minutes, then turn down heat to 225 f.
Let it cook for a couple hours or more. The flavors will mingle, and the meat will be super-tender.
Meanwhile, cook-up any potato dish that you like, and even a salad if you are in the mood.

Family Verdict:
The meat was fall apart tender. Both me and Ian loved it.
my son said it was the best pork ribs ever. He didn't like the sauerkraut though. I knew he wouldn't. I did though. Hubby was away on the road as usual. I saved him some though.
I think this method would work with a beef roast. Start at a high temp, then turn it down low for a couple hours. I'm going to try that one of these days.
This was delicious and takes few ingredients and minimal prep. All it takes is your time.
Thanks for the recipe Paul and Bev!
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